...ci vuole la passione Passionate about menswear and the nearly forgotten art of handmade, luxury clothing, I have created a lifestyle that incorporates the love of bespoke clothing and makes it an every day occurrence. Through years of being inspired by the legends of fine Italian menswear including Domenico Vacca, Kiton, Cesare Attolini, and many others, I have developed a vision based on the ideals of quality craftsmanship and traditional Neapolitan methods and style.Through my brand, Francesco Serraiocco, I offer handmade sartorial garments including suits, sport jackets, overcoats, trousers, and shirts made in Napoli. Additionally, I offer handmade belts and, by request, I personally make nine fold ties and pocket squares entirely by hand with nothing but the needle, thread, and passion. For information send inquiries to info.francesco.serraiocco@gmail.comFollow Francesco Serraiocco on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/francesco.serraiocco.bespoke

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It’s much more than clothing…

It’s about the artisan, the craftsmanship, and the appreciation for something truly handmade. 

Francesco Serraiocco

Online in October…Fall/Winter Season
Let a jacket speak for itself through its details…

Francesco Serraiocco
Handmade in Napoli.
Getting ready for Fall/Winter. A season of beautiful earth tones of different shades of brown, blue, red, and orange. 

Coming soon, a beautiful selection of jackets online in October. 

Francesco Serraiocco
Be a connoisseur of fine details…

Francesco Serraiocco, handmade in Napoli, Italia.
Happy Labor Day! 

Here is a limited edition pure wool ninefold tie for the coming Fall/Winter season. 

Each of these small selections are made by me personally, without the use of any sewing machine. 

Coming online in October! In the meantime send inquiries to frank.serraiocco@gmail.com.
Buona domenica! 
Winding down the summer to give way to the coming season. 
Francesco Serraiocco. Entirely handmade in Napoli, Italia. 
Autumn/Winter collection online in October.
Never underestimate the shades of brown. 
Francesco Serraiocco. Stay tuned for the F/W collection coming online in October.
The colors of Italia.  Francesco Serraiocco, handmade in Napoli. Coming online Fall 2014.  Ciao raggazzi!
Elegance in Neapolitan tailoring.  Full website and online shop coming Fall/Winter 2014.  Francesco Serraiocco.
Enjoy the end of the summer in style. 
Francesco Serraiocco, handmade in Napoli, Italia.