...ci vuole la passione Passionate about bespoke menswear and the near-forgotten art of handmade, luxury clothing, I have created a lifestyle that incorporates the love of bespoke clothing and makes it an every day occurrence. Through years of being inspired by the legends of fine Italian menswear including Domenico Vacca, Kiton, Cesare Attolini, and many others, I have developed a vision based on the ideals of quality craftsmanship and traditional Neapolitan methods and style.Through my brand, Francesco Serraiocco, I offer handmade sartorial garments including suits, sport jackets, overcoats, trousers, and shirts made in Napoli. Additionally, I offer handmade belts and, by request, I personally make nine fold ties and pocket squares entirely by hand with nothing but the needle, thread, and passion. For information send inquiries to frank.serraiocco@gmail.comFollow Francesco Serraiocco on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/francesco.serraiocco.bespoke

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Another view from a familiar post. Italian style is best demonstrated in terms of simplicity and color. 
Fatto a mano a Napoli, Francesco Serraiocco.
Buon giorno a tutti.
Beautiful night last night celebrating my girl’s birthday. Loved this courtyard of Cafe Via in Birmingham. 

One of my favorite outfits, jacket using Ariston Napoli solaro fabric, handmade in Napoli. High, double button collar shirt, cross stitched linen square, and genuine python belt. All Francesco Serraiocco.
The beauty of a Francesco Serraiocco handcrafted pocket square. Italian linen and light, smokey blue silk thread used for cross stitching. 
Passion as seen through the eye of a needle.
I love shades of blue and brown, whether separate or together they always make a great outfit. 
Francesco Serraiocco jacket handmade in Napoli. Half wool, half linen fabric from Gladson made in Italy. Mother of pearl buttons and high notch lapel. 
High double button collar shirt in pale blue. 
Italian linen pocket square hand rolled and blanket stitched in silk.
Handcrafted genuine python skin belt. 
All Francesco Serraiocco. 
Inquiries welcome at frank.serraiocco@gmail.com
Summer attire…

Jacket handmade in Napoli with Ariston solaro fabric. Dark blue and white stripe shirt with high double button collar. Brown python skin belt and gold buckle. All Francesco Serraiocco.

As a very proud Italian, I am thrilled to finally say…Francesco Serraiocco, handmade in Napoli, Italia.

Ariston Napoli reddish beige solaro fabric. High notch, 3 button rolled 2 lapel. Very light canvassing of just one layer. Spalla camicia, without shoulder padding.

Khaled Nasr wearing his royal blue double breasted Sciamat jacket and Francesco Serraiocco white linen pocket square with blue cross stitching.

Royal blue raw silk ninefold tie. Francesco Serraiocco. Handmade, in preparation for Pitti Uomo.

This is how a Francesco Serraiocco ninefold tie begins, with the patterning and cut. Here, I am cutting a green raw silk fabric for a customer going to Pitti Uomo.